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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  December 23, 2012 7:30am-8:30am PST

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how much of this is show and how much of it is real deal? >> at 7:30 on sunday, december 23rd. thanks for joining us. >> we got a lot of news to cover in the next hour. we will talk with san francisco police chief breaks are about gun control. >> we have a representative from the oakland buyback. we will find out what kind of impact events like that path. we are also talking a little later about tvs that watch you. >> the whole issue of privacy. first, let's get to the news that affects everybody in the bay area. heavy rain, wind, and thunderstorms. rain keeps on falling. it's not over.
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a roof collapse at a san francisco gas station after a tree toppled over onto the overhang causing that collapse. luckily, nobody was hurt. we turn now to elizabeth lingered telling him that the weather desk this morning with what we can expect. it's really coming down. >> it really is. all that yellow and green. pretty much rain falling across the bay area. anywhere from one to 2 inches by the time the storm lets up. we will zoom in for the north bay. that is where the storm is falling hardest. you see that big band of yellow over portions of 101. falling pretty hard in pendulum as well. checking the east bay. we are seeing heavier pockets looks like over livermore, hayward, and the south bay with light rain falling over san jose. editors out the door right now. we see a lot of 50-degree readings. 51 in concord. by this afternoon we are not going to warm things up by much. once again, current
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temperatures only in the 50s. when will the rain but up and will it be a wet christmas? we'll let you know coming up. >> people in the north they are watching streams and creeks right now for potential flooding. that includes major flooding from years ago. merchants have put in place and eggs to which some of them are actually out from another storm earlier this month. he just kept them out. city maintenance crews have cleared of debris from the creek and from drains. they say they are as ready as they can be at volvo's diner. >> the only thing is you hope mother nature is on your side. >> we just as much as they can to prepare. >> it was back in 2005 when the creek flooded downtown causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. and if you plan on spending christmas in the mountains,
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take your time getting up there. interstate 80 is completely covered in snow. yesterday stop and go traffic clogs the highway from gold run all the way to lake tahoe. many drivers were caught off guard. >> there is supposed to be some snow and some slowdowns. i wasn't expecting a closure. i've got my whole family in the car. you want to take too many chances. >> that bumper to bumper traffic was good news for local businesses. this gas station was jampacked. the line for the bathroom stretched out into the cold parking lot. cruise wanted drivers headed up to tahoe to be prepared to have chains handy and drive slow and cautiously. checking road conditions this morning. james required on all vehicles on i-80 from east of gold run to the nevada state line and on 50 chains are required and all vehicles
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west. four-wheel drive vehicles with snow tires are exempt on both 80 and 50. >> meanwhile, more than a thousand customers without power in the bay area. the biggest outages in the east they affecting about 875 households and businesses. pg&e is trying to determine the cause right now. in the north bay, about 200 homes and businesses are in the dark. that's because of two outages, including one caused by a tree branch falling onto power lines. and the weather is also causing more headaches at sfo. arriving flights are delayed an average of an hour and a half. far better than yesterday when a handful of flights were canceled in delays were even longer. no problems reported in oakland. san jose international is doing well as well. check online for words ring. you can track the storm anytime you want to with our high doppler radar. again, see the latest of the
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weather. >> the last of the victims lay to rest yesterday. overwhelming support keeps pouring in. children are invited to the townhall yesterday to choose a toy from what has come in. money is also pouring in. the official phone stands at $2.8 million. the gun violence in newtown has fueled a new debate over gun control. >> and the nara guide into the debate with a soundbite heard round the world. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with the gun. >> coming up on face the nation, the future of gun control. bob schieffer interviews the nra president. that's on face the nation and
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it starts at 8:30 a.m. on cbs 5. on the national news, former governor mark sanford says he's considering a run for congress. >> you might remember his name. he was an up-and-coming figure in the republican party before he vanished from south carolina for five days back in 2009. he later admitted he was visiting his mistress in argentina. yesterday he said he may run for a house seat that will open in january. that was the seat that he previously held in the 1990s. in it and today is the day for the buyers to the late singer daniel who died last monday at the age of 88. there was a big service on friday at the national cathedral in washington. his body is lying about why a state capital. today president obama who is vacationing in hawaii will be the final service at the memorial cemetery. >> critics of the movie to zero
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dark 30. the film is about the capture of osama bin laden. he says the movie creates a false impression that harsh interrogations were the key to finding bin laden. he says not a few people but a 10-year effort by hundreds of officers is what led to the capture. and east bay mother thought she was prepared for the worst. >> what she is doing. >> i know cpr. >> what she is doing now to make sure that even the youngest first responders are ready in a medical emergency. >> the children of sandy hook demanded the plan. >> celebrity sounding off on a school shooting. the gun control debate in newtown. plus, a bay area group working on getting those weapons off of the streets. >> and we have a lot of rain. we even have window visor is at a possible chance for thunderstorms later this morning and afternoon. a very busy high doppler.
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we will tell you all about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is in effect for the bay ar until 1 p-m today. we may see some ated thunderstor >> arrival at the golden gate bridge. the rain is coming down, and it's windy. a wind advisory in effect for the bay area. right now until 1:00 this afternoon. we may see isolated underscores today. more on our weather forecast in a moment. a lot of criticism right now after lawmakers took off to go home for the holidays without striking a deal in the fiscal cliff. again, if there's no deal, we see painful tax hikes and massive government spending cuts after january 1st. stay with us when we checked in with san francisco mayor edley and former mayor willie brown. these guys are no strangers. we have the so-called fiscal cliff. with the politics involved here? how much of what we have been seeing is real deal cutting and how much is show? >> first of all, none of it is really show. it's really politicians trying their best to prevail what they
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promise their voters they would do. that's what that is. they are going as well as they can. the first day as we said something different than willie brown. i immediately agreed. my voters would have to say, i didn't do what i promised to do. >> what if what you promise to do is after you sit down and see the facts and it isn't the right way to go. what do you do politically? >> for me i naturally try to get that information out there but also let the public is certainly everybody looking at the budget process understand the change of circumstances we face. for me but it has always been kind of a process where you don't really hide. >> it seems to me the question is, republicans say, we can't give on taxes until you reduce spending. democrats are saying, but you reduce spending until the go on taxes. if i agreed to raise taxes, i
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don't believe mr. obama is going to cut spending. if we don't raise taxes, you get your way. >> and i think mayor brown is absolutely right. those are positions that they take relative to their constituents. it's all about getting compromised. it's all about what it is that we can still be able to walk up and say, i've got something for you. >> let me tell you, you can solve the problems they are facing by what we call the trigger. that is that if in the first quarter x number of dollars to come in, cuts go. quickly. however, if x number of dollars to come in, taxes go differently. so you can clearly have trigger devices. >> absolutely. >> it's still a few hours. >> they cannot make everybody were in the meantime. if you are worried about getting around this weekend, you are going to have some issues.
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>> their drive for the first cap. kind of watching the next few days. we talk about conditions at sfo in a minute. the rain is really coming down. we can see at all lit up with our high-tech doppler tracking the current rain conditions over san francisco. we will zoom on up toward the north bay. that's where we see have yourselves know. if you're traveling whenever one, you can really see it over santa rosa. san jose looks like a late rainfall rate now over the parkway. so taking a live look outside. you can see the raindrops on our camera lens this morning. temperatures being in a lot of 50s. 54 livermore, 51 in san francisco. 50 degrees in santa rosa. the winds are also an issue
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today. that wind advisory until early this afternoon. we could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. if you are hitting the road, travel with caution. earlier this morning we had iraq on 880. pretty treacherous out there. the wet and windy conditions not making things easy. should be tapering off by this afternoon. thunderstorms are also possibility. especially along the coast throughout the day. we'll show you what's going on. it looks like by the afternoon we are clearing out. monday is pretty quiet, and then tuesday morning, christmas day morning, looks okay. look at his afternoon. that's when things get active again. more rain coming for the bay area, and it looks like things remain unsettled through wednesday before we finally dry out. and we got kind of a drier pattern setting across the bay area. highs for later today, once again, a lot of 50s. we are not going to budge much or your 56 in concord, 59, one of the warmer areas in oakland. they 50s in santa rosa and above. a quick check in at sfo.
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rainy thunderstorms of possibility. again, we are seeing delays. about an hour and half over at the airport. houston drying out. coming up, we took the seven- day forecast. in meantime, back to you guys. >> some of hollywood's biggest celebrities making public service announcements against gun violence. >> more than 50 actors are taking part a little more than a week after the mass shooting at the elementary school in -- elementary school shooting in connecticut. >> demand a pan -- a plane. >> number list of names. >> it's too late. >> now is the time before we almost want to love someone on that list. no more lists. >> no more -- >> who they might have been. >> the site of the massacre pairings are reacting to the proposal to put armed officers in every school as well.
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>> why are we allowing sales of weapons. >> she said, that makes me feel safe. >> meanwhile, the debate continuing in the bay area on how much gun control is necessary and what if any measures actually were. >> we are joined in studio by someone who feels very strongly about gun control in the bay area. >> the group called youth uprising in east they. it netted more than 250 guns. i think they got more like 300 by the end. >> 700 between san francisco and oakland. >> that's quite a take off the streets but it's also a rather scary number. i was looking at the guns being brought in. the idea that those are floating around on the streets, we have fully equipped automatic handguns. they were so random.
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people were bringing them left and right. >> we have a culture of, if i can buy it, it's mine. i have a right to have it without really consideration for the larger public good. it was really stunning the number of guns that came in. rifles, shotguns, fully automatic weapons, pistols. it is stunning. >> the people bringing in these guns not necessarily the game vendors that might be shooting people up. will that really affect violence on the streets? >> we certainly have young people who have guns because they don't feel safe. we had three young people come in with the one done that they owned collectively to collect the $200 to split it. there is an economic incentive. it was next. there was a lot of senior citizens by brought their guns as well. >> any gun that is out there can get in the hands of somebody. burglary rates are really high. you have been working with youth in oakland for a number of years. this isn't the first time we've had this kind of discussion.
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i'm interested. when did that change happen? when did it become standard for kids and young adults to start grabbing guns? now the gun is the first reach. what happened? >> the crack epidemic still reverberate through our community. the war on drugs really was about moving away whole organized crime structures. it was successful. it's sort of destroying an organized crime. but it left is whoever can control. so young people began being recruited to actually be watch people and then when the people who employed them went away, they became the drug dealers. now that drugs are gone, that's really a primary source of underground economy. young people literally feel afraid for their lives. >> there were a few different things about this gun buyback.
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there was cash given instead of gift cards, and the gun that you turned in how to be a working gun or your bottom line, the turnout was unprecedented for you to what do you attribute that? >> he had to be a resident of the city. you couldn't come from someplace else and bring it on. i think it's a combination of things. people really do need the money. cash counts. people really were devastated about sandy hook. and a third thing is, i think that people really are sick of the homicide rate. i think that people are sick of the fact that people are being shot and killed. spirit i want to go back to what you set a little while ago that the kids now are afraid that they are going to be a target. >> absolutely. >> so they are buying the guns and then they take out the person they feel is a threat. >> or they are buying the guns to keep themselves safe. when you really talk to young
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people with him high impact neighborhoods, i think there is an allusion in our country that if i'm safe, it doesn't matter. it doesn't want happen -- doesn't matter what happens in another neighborhood. these people don't feel safe walking back and forth to school. they are buying guns to get themselves back-and-forth to school. sometimes people are attacking them and they feel obligated to protect themselves. >> when you are using a gun to use that, you are at a level where nobody is going to walk away okay. >> no one is going to walk away. >> let's have you back to continue this discussion. thank you for being here. we'll be right back.
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do you know what to do if someone collapses with >> on other live look at our hd doppler. you see the patches of orange and yellow. heavy rain all over the bay area. more details coming up. in the meantime, do you know what to do if someone collapses with heart trouble? this weeks jefferson award winner has made it her mission to teach children how to respond. she is equipped thousands of kids to save a life. >> reporter: you are the first responder. it you are that person's lifeline. >> monique bradley's message comes from her heart. >> i want them to know that if someone collapses, it is your duty to save their life.
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>> for lessons than from tragedy. her 15-year-old son collapsed playing competitive basketball in 2009 and everyone froze. >> i froze. i know cpr. i hadn't practiced it or used it. but when it happens to someone you love, it goes out the window. >> monday excess areas was one of 7000 young people nationwide who died when their heart suddenly stop. many cardiac arrest cases like his come from undiagnosed conditions. >> in herself on her, she founded the dairies jones foundation in 2010. the pittsburgh-based nonprofit teaches students hands only cpr. >> has become a life mission, my purpose. >> pam dodson delete cpr i through need the through 83 through
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setting areas had graduated. >> she has inspired us to do more. >> money cannot profit also donates a automated external to forget later is to save kids lives. when a person has sudden cardiac arrest, it analyzes the heart rhythm and gives instructions to administer electric shocks to restore normal heart rhythms. >> and the last three years, there's been a 53 percent survival rate. >> monique has donated more than 38 edt, each one costing more than $1200 paid for through fundraisers. students like brian binet is take the training to heart. >> is there someone that needs my help, i can help them. >> i told him, always do the right thing. this is the right thing.
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>> so for educating and equipping children to save victims of sudden cardiac arrest, this weeks jefferson award in the bay area goes to monique bradley. >> the dairies jones foundation is in need of volunteers and sponsors. if you cannot, connect with them using the link on our website. click the connect button at the top of the page. next, the winter storm packing a punch with heavy rain and winds. >> and the north bay communities keeping an eye on the rising water levels. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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into the bay area. where we will see heavy >> it watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> a big storm pushing its way into the bay area. we have heavy rains hitting us up and down. plus, drivers pulling over to install the chains. >> and the rain and wind is picking up right now across the bay area. it looks at the other heavier cell moving over parts of san francisco. our exclusive high def doppler tracking the latest. >> guns to shouldn't be lying around. >> san francisco top cops sounding off. our one-on-one conversation with greg, sir. what he says needs to be done about gun violence. >> welcome back to eyewitness
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news this morning. the time is it a clock. it's december 23rd. christmas is just around the corner. good morning. i'm film it here. >> on and out of it. a big shopping day for a lot of people. let's take a look at that coming up. >> we are also talking with somebody. okay. technology is changing leaps and bounds. what happens when you have tvs that can start looking back at you as well? >> a little creepy. we can assure you, we are not doing that right now. >> meanwhile, if you are looking outside, you have to notice something. there's a big storm moving through the bay area. >> let's check in with elizabeth for the first look at the weather forecast this half hour. >> thanks, guys. a big shopping day for a lot of folks. this is what you are getting hit with right now. a lot of rain falling all over the bay area. high def doppler picking it up in the north bay, the south bay, and each day. we will zoom on in for the northbay. there is a heavier cell moving over santa rosa and parts of the state as well. looks like it's picking up among the penance love. we got heavier downpours.
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no late rain falling over san jose as well. it will taper off after the afternoon gets underway. it is going to end by this evening. for right now it is wet and windy. we have a wind advisory in effect from the north and east to a. until about 1:00 this afternoon. the butchers in the 50s. we're not going to warm up by much this afternoon. we struggle to get out of the upper 50s. 56 in concord. 59 by this afternoon. when will the rain and. is it going to be a wet christmas? we will tell you coming up. >> san francisco has a gas station shut down because a roof collapsed on top of a car yesterday. here's the scene at the 76 gas station at 17. a tree toppled onto the overhang causing it to collapse. luckily, nobody was hurt. people in the northbay are keeping an i imf creeks and streams for potential flooding that includes san anselmo which has
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experienced serious flooding before. merchants are preparing with fan but -- with sandbags and other precautions. >> meanwhile, more than a thousand customers without power in the bay area. the biggest outage in east africa and about 875 households and businesses. pg&e is trying to determine the cause of the outage. in the northbay about 200 folks are in the dark. that's because of two outages, including one caused by tree branches falling on the power lines. the weather is also causing more headaches out at sfo this morning. arriving flights have been delayed an average of an hour and a half. that's still better than yesterday. more than a handful of flights were canceled and the laser even longer. no problems reported at oakland or san jose international. and if you topple plans this christmas, be a vice. getting to the mountains is no easy task. >> if you are looking for a white christmas, interstate 80 completely covered in snow and ice.
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it's a treacherous path. yesterday stop and go traffic clogged the highway all the way to lake tahoe. many drivers caught offguard. i have an 80 near colfax had to be shut down because of accidents and trucks do not. checking s-sierra road conditions. chains are required on all vehicles on i-80 from east of gold round to the nevada state line and on 50 chains are required on all vehicles last to myers. four-wheel-drive vehicles with snow tires are exempt. you can track the sermon in time of our high def doppler radar on our website. mother nature is no match for those holiday shoppers. they are at the mall shopping and all over again is where. this weekend is expected to be among the biggest shopping days of the year. a survey earlier this week said the nearly three quarters of consumers still have holiday shopping left to do. >> i do think people waited a little bit.
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now they are just ready to buy, buy, buy. >> we watch the weather last night. we saw that little gap coming, so we thought we would take a chance to get out in the morning. >> is a game plan. you can't come out here and not know what you are doing. you have to strategize. >> a good plan of action is definitely a good idea. >> this weekend a deal is causing floods in parts of england. >> the heaviest flooding in the south of that country. severe flood warnings in effect in three different towns, and the situation could get worse because more downpours are expected today. >> more than three dozen cars got stuck in snow drift in northwestern china. firefighters had to rescue people on an expressway on friday, and during the emergency efforts, they had to contend with high winds and low visibility. 70 miles per hour winds and
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minus 22 degrees fahrenheit. i'm guessing that spanish for i won a lot of money. >> spain's annual christmas payout. most of the winners were from immigrant neighborhoods near madrid. the typical ticket is $26. the return on it is more than $500,000. by the way, the government is the biggest winner in the lottery. it keeps one third of the money collected. >> new plans to keep guns off the streets in san francisco. >> still to come, the type of ammunition targeted and the mayor's proposal. >> first, imagine having a tv that watches you. answering questions when it comes to the high-tech gadgets. an expert joining us live in the studio next.
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>> and the heaviest rainfall in right now. this morning we given up the possibility of gusty winds and thunderstorms throughout the day. what is your christmas weather forecast? we'll tell you coming up right after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> and here's a hype -- a live look. a moderate rain falling across
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the bay area. have yourselves moving across concord. 70 forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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rain may flood bay area road ways.... plus - we may see thunderstorms this morning. th wenger i >> it's raining and we may see some thunderstorms later this morning. more details from elizabeth in a minute. >> more big area headlines. tomorrow the restaurant in texas was -- in san francisco holding its annual toy drive. people can drop off place from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. 333 geary boulevard. it's right next to union square. this is the 12th consecutive year for the toy drive. maher abdul help of the collection. the band site starting at 8:00 a.m. >> santa will be helping to. >> hundreds of happy kids in the south bay. the 26th annual holiday party.
8:10 am
1700 families at the fairgrounds. parents of kids in need were able to put out food and gifts for the holidays. that to her weather forecast. it is really coming down. >> it looks like the sea at a bit heavier than what we saw yesterday. it's been a wet few days. hard for holiday shoppers and travelers. our exclusive high def doppler tracking at all. you see that yellow and orange. that is the heaviest rain falling. it looks like a heavier cell moving into danville right now. the ground is saturated, so the possibility of localized flooding is on the increase. within several days of this wet weather. temperatures seen a lot of 50s. 50 degrees in oakland and san jose coming in at 51 as well. in addition to these rainy conditions, we also have winds. wind advisory to the north and east bay. it we could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. by the way, that rain and wind is causing issues.
8:11 am
continue to check in throughout the day. it's a hard day for travel. we still see wet and windy conditions, even though we will slowly be tapering off as the evening gets underway. thunderstorms are another possibility by this afternoon as well. so let's time at all. you will see things pretty much stay unsettled throughout the day. the heavier cells are just going to be the morning. clearing for the most part by monday. tuesday afternoon it looks like things get unsettled once again and then linger throughout the day at least for the first half of the day among state when researchers see those showery conditions finally begin to taper off. then we have a drier weather pattern toward the end of the week. in the meantime, we'll focus on this afternoon. 50s are on the bay area. 59 in oakland, 57 in fremont. mid 50s in livermore. here's a check of that 70
8:12 am
forecast. you see that today's wet. monday for the most part we are drying out. tuesday afternoon into wednesday, that's when another storm system significantly less powerful than this one coming in tuesday into wednesday. then drying out thursday into this weekend. that's a check of your seven day forecast. back to you guys. >> the next big deal for tv. a big brother like accessory. verizon introducing over us and selects that feature what allows the company to share its customers information with advertisers. the company has filed a patent for a dvr that has a camera and a microphone. the camera would record information like how many people are watching what and when to deliver targeted ads. a product like that has not yet been invented. the question is, do these new patents crossed the line when it comes to your right to privacy? statement would have a professor who's joining us again. good morning. i find this absolutely fascinating. the idea that big brother is now
8:13 am
little brother and be used to be fighting to keep privacy from invading our homes. now we are welcoming it with open arms. >> this privacy notion was always a strong wind. your home is your castle. our castle walls are being breached. this type of technology is amazing example. >> this is something that people would have to choose. you would have to turn it on. it's not just going to leak into your household. >> imagine everyone who is offering this type of service. your television, your xbox, anything connected to the internet. this is the way they all do business? would you really say, i'm not going to play any internet games. >> i find it fascinating. we had phone lines before. i don't recall the phone company selling your information of who you called to advertisers or to
8:14 am
somebody else or the conscience of your calls -- or the content of your calls. now people are signing away their privacy rights in return for a gimmick. >> part of the problem is that we have a patchwork of privacy laws. there are some very strong laws related to what you can do and what you can. we don't have a strong laws related to consumers and these types of devices. you are right. people are signing away a lot of privacy, including their image and who they are and what they are doing in their home. this is a very different type of invasion than we saw before. >> these are the kind of flavors you just signed to do things like instagram. >> nobody reads them. or you rare read read them through. and then you have the instagram situation. saying they might sell your photographs as an appetizer? >> i think that people think about the images and they have a very different type of reaction.
8:15 am
think about those new airport systems in which you get an image going through the safety. all the uproar that happen for that. there is no national security issue about who is playing xbox or who is watching tv in my living room. >> if you are agreeing to these things, you are signing away your privacy, right? >> absolutely. >> when she done not, is there a way to get it back? >> i suppose you could take the thing out of your house. >> the company would say, you can turn it off. even after user service if you don't want to. do you ever read those? >> no, i don't. >> i don't have time to read them. >> do you think there will be any move to try to address the privacy concern on the new technology, or is that just so strong end of the program so popular? >> the thing is they are moving so quickly it seems. so it's hard for things to move
8:16 am
quickly. >> from a legal perspective, some of the courts have said that when you plug into the internet, you give up your privacy. i hope that these kinds of devices will make them think again. when i walk out of my street, i don't walk out in my birthday suit. does that mean i can't do that in my home anymore because they may be taking a picture of me? >> before new laws come into place, which are in the works but you all know how congress moves come in the meantime, it's every man for himself. >> we have to be careful what we allow to come into our living room. >> be thinking about that. it's a two-way street sometime. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't forget to check out t raiders this morning... you can see all in another live look at our hd doppler. you can see the rain coming down across the bay area. more behind it. the have more details in the forecast coming up. and don't forget to check out the raiders this morning.
8:19 am
perhaps a good idea to just stay home when the weather is like this. you see the action of the raiders take on the panthers starting at 10:00 a.m. that's followed by the fifth quarter. >> we've seen a big response to gun buyback event in the bay area in recent days. that's after the shootings in newtown. that's fired up to the debate about gun control measures as well. here in san francisco, mayor ed lee proposing to laws, one that would ban hollow. bullets outright and another that notices law enforcement when someone buys 500 rounds or more of any type of ammunition. we turn to santa cisco police chief. the first question is on gun control. is it substantive, or are we picking the low hanging fruit by going after the assault rifles? >> this is a no-brainer stuff to reinstitute an assault man to ban the weapon that just kill 20 children. on the list of hundred that would be banned, it's a start.
8:20 am
and the discussion needs to be had. >> what do you think the next up should be? in its an organization by title. would like to see the banning of internet sales. would like to see face to face in person sales only. would love to see a national registry of who is buying guns. we'd love to see there be some sort of a profile on folks that are buying guns, may be awaiting. >> the connecticut shooting, that is the exception. the real sadness to a lot of people is the daily shootings that go on on the streets in the bay area. this gun legislation wouldn't touch most of the guns involved in that, correct? >> guns shouldn't be lying around. we've got a lot of guns that are in homes that are used, that are in closets. people can turn those in any time. >> where would you like to see the discussion go? >> there is two pieces to this. there is the gun side. that's the supply side of the
8:21 am
weaponry. 300 million guns on the streets. then there is the other side that there are some people that are mentally ill that absolutely positively shouldn't have any chance of ever having any firearm in their possession. that has to be part of the conversation as well. >> finally, what was most unusual find or when you did this gun buyback -- >> i think the quantity of guns was more than we have ever taken by 2 or 3 times. and then the other is when you pay $200 per gun, that's more money than we paid prior. people of the money on the table. it was a matter of conscience for them. they said, i want this done gone. i don't want the money. six people left $1200 on the table at christmas time. it was pretty touchy. >> it's interesting. i look at the guns that they bought back this time.
8:22 am
unlike past where a lot of time they were where a lot of time they were where a lot of time they were, these were illegal, sod off shotguns. we were seeing actually the guns with people just trying to get rid of them. it was no questions asked. >> coming up, another look at this morning's top stories. >> and a live look at the bay bridge right now. the latest on system having read through. we are tracking the wind, rain, and snow. the latest when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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the first winter storm of t season is bringing high win and isolated showers. a wind advisory is in effect l >> welcome back. let's take a look at this morning's top stories. >> the first winter storm of the season bringing high winds and isolated showers.
8:24 am
a wind advisory in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. under storms like this are going on throughout the bay area this morning. expected for the next several hours. >> meanwhile, this weekend's rain has people watching potential flooding as well. especially in the north bay. sandbags are in place. >> and the road to topple is covered in ice and snow. chains are required on highway 50. drivers headed up to the mountains are to be prepared. have chains handy. drive slowly and cautiously. >> and the future of gun control is on face the nation. it starts on cbs in just a couple minutes. >> and the news continues on our cw network. surgical instruments left inside patients. we will talk about how technology is being used to stop that disturbing trend. that's on channel 44 cable 12
8:25 am
starting at 8:30 this morning. and one last look for the weather forecast for the shoppers and the travelers. >> the worst of it happening right now, although we will see this form slowly taper off in the afternoon and evening. for right now it continues to wait up our high definition doppler. below is the heavier cells. zooming in and receive portions of 101 falling over, and over in east bay as well. one just moved out of danville. still a lot of rain traveling through san jose. here it is. this is what it looks like from outside. you can barely see the bay bridge. temperatures climbed to the upper 50s by this afternoon. once again, that wind advisory from the north and east bay until early this afternoon. >> after this, there's a rainbow that shines. >> we had a beautiful one yesterday. the colors of the rainbow shining bright.
8:26 am
as brief as it was, hopefully we get a chance to see one today. sounds like we should just watch the raiders on cbs 5 in the morning. >> let's not forget another christmas eve tradition. the north american aerospace defense command tracking santa. they been doing it since 1955. >> keep tabs on mr. clause in some other different ways. >> it looks that it's going to be a successful journey. >> the santa tracker app for smart phones. you can also follow the big guy . for the first time google is tracking santa on its map. you can interact with him on google plus. >> should make for some kind of night. thanks for joining us. face the nation is next. >> we jump over to the cw network. before we go, did you do your christmas shopping? >> it's done. for the first time it is done.
8:27 am
>> thanks for joining us this morning. have a wonderful sunday and holidays as well. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
8:28 am
i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse.
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get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. >> schieffer: today on "face the nation," christmastime in washington but not much christmas can cheer at the capitol. old santa tried to reward congressional inaction with a lode of coal, but wouldn't you know there was no one around to give it to. congress skedaddled when the deal on the fiscal cliff collapsed. the national rifle association's top command did stay in town to ask the question we've all been asking. >> what do we do about the tragedy of the sort that struck in newtown, connecticut? >> schieffer: but their response left gun control advocates
10:26 am
our children are our future.


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